About us

A psychologist and an economist. Professional recruitment expertise combined with a grasp of business. Ambitious goals and infectious commitment. Solid experience from generating progress and results for our clients by putting more than 600 best suited executives, specialists and directors in place.

Benedikte Stiff :: Partner

Benedikte Stiff (born 1966) has broad experience from FMCG/retailing, industry, ICT, real estate and academia. As a psychologist, Stiff has leading-edge expertise in assessing people and applying methodologies, and is an experienced evaluator of the ability of individual candidates and management teams to tackle demanding challenges.
She holds a degree in psychology from the University of Bergen (UiB), and chairs SFK LYN (2018-). She was involved in work on diversity and talented young managers through her seat on the board of Alarga (2007-13), and was part of the BI/DNV GL’s program committee for the annual recruitment seminar (2015-16). She is certified by DNV GL for using work psychology tools.

Hild F. Kinder :: Partner

Hild F. Kinder (born 1967) has broad experience from work on banking/finance, real estate, industry, ICT and life science. Her speciality is management with a focus on business development. She has previously worked as financial analyst, achieving top rankings both in Norway and internationally.
Kinder has a BA from the Norwegian Business School (BI) and an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), which embraces AFA/CEFA. She is a member of the nomination committee of Tomra ASA (2008-) and chairs the Stockman committee of the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts (2003-). She is certified by DNV GL for using work psychology tools.

Think global :: Know your local market

We affiliated in January 2017 with the Friisberg & Partners International organisation, which has 38 offices in 26 countries. Each office has in-depth knowledge of its own markets and sectors.

On the basis of local market and sector expertise, we support international Friisberg clients with recruitment in Norway. Similarly, Norwegian clients can benefit by drawing on our able partners internationally.

Collectively, we offer the perfect combination of international reach and regional knowledge. That allows us to find exactly the candidates our clients need – every time.

Our Scandinavian partners are particularly interesting for us. With highly qualified colleagues in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg, we can offer a broader range of candidates in the search to fill board positions.

Read more at Friisberg & Partners International.


Clever executives are good business

We have a commercial focus and create value for our clients.

You profit from our sound judgement. We know the market, recognise capacity and talent, and justify our choices.

We voice our opinions and stand by them. Commitment, integrity and trustworthiness permeate everything we do. 


We put solid, optimal solutions in place for our clients.

We draw up scenarios, and discuss scope of business and the consequences of various priorities. The client then knows who it is choosing and why. In that way, we contribute to a conscious approach in selecting key personnel. We contribute to predictability for both clients and candidates through good and trustworthy information throughout the selection process.

In today’s dynamic world, capacity and potential are critical requirements for success – rather than just earlier experience and accumulated expertise, which say something about what candidates CAN do and what they have achieved so far. Because capacity and potential are crucial for future performance, we use testing tools as an important part of the decision base in all our processes.