Money talks, passion sings

Which person is the most capable candidate also depends on the context. The challenge is to identify a person who can do the job, who wants to do it, and who will fit in.

Finding and recruiting able personnel calls for room to manoeuvre. The appropriate expertise and experience will depend not only on the mandate and core tasks involved with new role, but also on the employer and the team in question. Organisational culture influences which person succeeds, and the candidate who appears in isolation to be the most able is not necessarily the best solution in every case.

We believe that complementarity in expertise and appropriate diversity are strengths, but that visions and courage will also be required when actively choosing to take a different course. Complementarity provides capacity and decisiveness, while diversity provides the scope for innovative thinking. Making a bold recruitment choice calls for justification, responsibility, attention and accessibility, because such a solution will also be demanding for the business.

Our work starts with a detailed preliminary assessment, in consultation with the client, in order to define the relevant requirements and to clarify needs for expertise. We evaluate finalists against a defined profile of requirements, and develop clear scenarios related to the choice of candidate. Personality profiling is always utilised, and we conduct detailed conversations with referees. Tests of ability and skill are carried out as required.