Director search

The strategy and sphere of action of an enterprise define requirements for the expertise of its directors. We assist clients in search of Norwegian and Nordic candidates in cooperation with our Nordic partners. 

Our work starts with a detailed preliminary assessment, in consultation with the client, in order to define the relevant requirements and to clarify needs for expertise. A search is conducted on the basis of analysis, activation of networks and the use of relevant sources. Qualified candidates are assessed in more detail, and we recommend a solution.

Dmitry Tkachenko

Executive search

The stage the enterprise has reached affects its choice of executives. Type of ownership structure and development plans will also be crucial for the selection of new leaders.

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Liv Osmundsen, Det kongelige hoff

Change of generations

Family-owned enterprises can face challenges when the next generation comes to take over.

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Director assessment

The nomination committee has acquired a more important role and additional assignments following the renewed attention being paid to good corporate governance.

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Candidate evaluation

On some occasions, the client has already identified qualified candidates and is looking for advice before opting for a solution.

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